Aspiring Surgeons Conference 2017

RCSEd National Aspiring Surgeons Conference 2017

Event Details
Time: All day

Location: School of Chemistry, University of Bristol
Open to: All medical students and foundation doctors

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in association with SCRUBS and the Severn Deanery will be organising another conference for 2016.

This will be a chance for medical students and foundation doctors to present their work to consultant surgeons for a chance to win a national prize. There are both oral and poster presentations with specific surgical categories for each. Prizes will be awarded to the best oral presentation and poster in each category as well as an overall best oral presentation. 
All attendees will receive a certificate for their portfolio and as it is a national conference can add it to their CV. Although the conference is open to medical students all the way up to F2 grade doctors don't be afraid - last year the winners from each category were of mix of medical students and foundation year doctors.
There will also be a number of talks throughout the day by judges giving you a flavour of what a surgical career really entails and what you need to be successful ifentering a career in surgery.
This is a great chance to present any surgical-relad SSCs or audits that have been completed during medical school. 

New to Bristol? No fear!

To all our visitors from other universities, we look forward to seeing you here in the lovely city of Bristol! You are very welcome to apply and attend, and we will take excellent care of you. Here are some basic travel details to help you arrive in Bristol safe a

1) Trains and Buses

- The major train station here in Bristol is Bristol Temple Meads station. Connections to London run very frequently from Paddington station and takes approximately 1 hour 45 minutes. Once you arrive at Bristol Temple Meads, you can either take a taxi to the Univer
sity or take the bus (numbers 8 or 9) to the top of Park Street and walking about 10 minutes to the building. You can also walk from Temple Meads, however it will probably take you 30-45 minutes.

- The major coach station here in Bristol is the Bristol Bus and Coach station, which is in the city centre. From here, the University building is approximately 15-20 minute walk.

2) Flights

- Bristol Airport is on the outskirts
of Bristol and if you are coming from Scotland or Northern Ireland and flying into Bristol Airport, take the Bristol Airport Flyer bus from the airport (Only £7.00 return for students) to the Triangle, where it is a five minute walk to the University.

3) Accommodation

- Please email us if you require accommodation at one of our members' houses, especially if you are coming from far away - couches and sleeping bags, I'm afraid! - and we will do our best to accommodate you. No guarantees though!

4) Food and drink

- Food and drink is provided throughout the conference and we can also recommend some good restaurants and pubs to hang out at afterward, just ask!

How else can we support and accommodate all the delegates?

1) Presentations and posters

- Oral presentations can be done in any format readable on a Windows OS computer. We will ask you to send these to us earlier so we can load them up ready and test them on the computers and projectors before the day of the conference. We will also send you information and tips on how to prepare an effective presentation before your arrival.

- Poster boards and adhesives will be provided on the day of the conference.

- We will also accommodate props, as long as you tell us what you are bringing beforehand so we can clear it with health and safety regulations.
2) General well being

- We will provide coat-racks for your coats and jackets, and visitors from afar can store their suitcases in our store room rather than lug it around the conference, however we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage of items if you choose to use the storage
areas, so don't leave anything valuable in your bags.

- Food and drink will be plentiful, and we shall endeavour to always have hot water for coffee and tea!

- With so many doctors in one building, you should be in good hands if you were to suddenly feel unwell - first aid kits and other preparations will be undertaken to ensure your safety and continued good health.

Wishing all applicants the best for their abstract submissions and all delegates a lovely time here in Bristol this coming February.
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