Interested in Surgery?

About the eternal debate of work-life balance in medicine. 

Details TBC - keep your eyes peeled!

Ladies, has anyone ever told you you can’t be a woman AND a surgeon? Let’s prove them wrong - we’ve got the facts on how to.

Gentlemen, interested in surgery but don’t know where to begin? Concerns about how it will impact on your work-life balance? Keep calm - we’ve got the answers.

Still not convinced? How does cheese and wine sound? Yes, we said cheese and wine.

Last year we hosted an evening of enlightenment and sophisticated drinking at the beautiful Avon Gorge Hotel, with a lineup of fantastic female surgeons who came and talked to you about different aspects of being a female surgeon, talks on work-life balance and on career progression, with all the latest hints and tips on how to get ahead from surgeons going through it themselves!

Plus an informal Q&A session to get any burning questions off of your chest, network, mingle, and – of course – drink some wine!

We are very keen to host this event again this year so stay tuned for cheese and wine 2.0!...ehm, we mean more educational talks of course.